Comparing and contrasting

Here’s a step by step idea for practising the language of comparison and contrast.
Step 1: Choose a theme (in this example, it’s transport).
Step 2: Choose three or more pictures from one of the eltpics sets (click for the transport set)
Step 3: Right-click on each picture and click on a size. The picture will open.
Step 4: Click and drag the picture to powerpoint (or similar)
Step 5: Arrange the pictures on one slide so that the students can easily see them all.

Example slide based on transport

Step 5a: For a non-tech classroom, print the resulting single slide.
Step 6: In class, show the students all of the images. Give them a moment to look at the pictures and think about what they could say about each.
Step 7: Put students in pairs or threes and challenge them to write as many sentences as possible comparing and contrasting the images in 10 minutes (mine came up with about 10 sentences per group of three students).
Step 8: Use the resulting sentences to work on the language of comparisons, or an FCE Speaking task, or anything else you choose!

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