A quickie

This morning I clicked on a link that was tweeted to me by a teacher from Cazorla, a beautiful part of Jaén in the south of Spain.

Someone else from Cazorla, Jaén.

The teacher, Carmen Martínez, who goes by the twitter name of @educandoando had read this blog and had taken Paco Gascon’s idea and developed it with her students. I’ve read her blog and it has really REALLY made my day – her take on the #eltpics idea alone is perfect for Easter, or for any time of year really. Apart from that, all the ideas in the blog are fresh and creative, not an adjective you can apply to much of the mainstream education syllabus nowadays, and I love the direction in which she has taken ‘our’ (Paco’s) #eltpics activity. If you teach children, and can understand Spanish (or can get a friend to help you) I can only recommend you take a look at Escritores Tiernos.


Photo credit: Image of a deer in Cazorla by Jashir at flickr.


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