eltpics is a free photographic resource for teachers, created by teachers (crowdsourcing). All photographs are creative commons, so if you want to use them, all you need to do is credit the photographer. You can find the eltpics resource here.

The resource was created in late 2010 by Victoria Boobyer, Carol Goodey and Vicky Loras. From Spring 2011, two more curators joined the team: Fiona Mauchline and Sandy Millin.

For the first year of its life, eltpics proposed a weekly topic on Twitter and teachers were invited to tweet their shots or links to their pictures using the hashtag #eltpics By its first birthday, the eltpics resource contained 51 different themed sets. The conditions placed on these photos were – and continue to be – photos must be the photographers’ own, they must be ‘live’ rather than computer graphics, and any recognisable person appearing as the subject in a photo must have given their consent.

A few of the photos on offer

Teachers can use the photos for whatever they like – flashcards, classroom material, illustration for blog posts or presentations, but to generate more and more creative ideas for using the resource, this blog was born on eltpics’ first birthday.

We hope to post an idea a week, using at least one photo from eltpics each time. Between us – and you as guest posters – we teach ESL, EFL, adults, teens, children, 1-2-1, groups, translation, teachers, adult literacy, languages other than English…. so we sincerely hope to be able to come up with ideas for everyone.

We also hope you thoroughly enjoy using it, and if you’d like to contribute, tweet us with the #eltpics hashtag

Welcome aboard.

FM, October 18th 2011

(header photo from eltpics, by the wonderful Ceci Lemos)

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