Happy holidays folks!

So this is Christmas; and what have you done?

To be honest, we eltpicsers have really been pretty busy – all 126 of us – and I’m feeling particularly festive and smiley because this week our blog post is a little different and a lot special, largely because it is by Victoria Boobyer. Victoria is not only one of eltpics’ top contributors with photos ranging from gorgeous to amazing, but, as one of the founders of #eltpics, whose tenacity and drive despite all odds in the last 14 months or so is not a little inspiring, she is, for me, the top of my list of ‘ELT People 2011’. Without any doubt. So I am genuinely over the moon to be able to say: Ladies and gentlemen, Victoria Boobyer…:


Our most prolific contributor/curator @sandymillin

As you’re reading this, the chances are that you’re already familiar with #eltpics and how and why it works. If you happen to have stumbled upon this post, I’ll write a very potted history. In 2010, myself, @cgoodey and @vickyloras lived in very different parts of the world. We began sending each other images of Vietnam, Scotland and Switzerland, and taking our cameras out on a daily basis. One very late night we came upon the idea of storing these photos on flickr for other teachers to use. During the night we refined the idea of #eltpics: a collaborative Creative Commons collection of images for teachers sent by teachers via twitter. At first we changed the topic/ theme every week but recently this changed to every fortnight.

This year we celebrated our first birthday and 5000th #eltpic. The original curators were joined by the marvellous @sandymillin and @fionamau. Then there was the birth of this blog, superbly managed by @fionamau. The curator and guest posts, with ideas for using images, tie in perfectly with the collaborative ethos of #eltpics. It seems that with the blog and over 5,600 images in 56 sets we’re still going well.

#eltpics posted by the curators: @cgoodey, @vickyloras, @elt_pics, @fionamau

 We all know that this wouldn’t have been possible without those wonderful people who take their time to send us their images. So, we decided to make a little thank you gift to everyone who has ever contributed to #eltpics and also share it with everyone who works in this crazy ol’ world of ELT. 

Introducing… the #eltpics 2012 calendar!

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You can download this superior calendar to keep on your computer or even print it and stick it on the fridge door.

The calendar was created using images from our top ten contributors (ie who have contributed the greatest number of images so far), the winner of our December ‘newbie’ competition (drumroll….check out the December page – is it yours?) and a selection of other wonderful images. It would have been impossible to choose the top 10 best images but we hope you’ll agree that the images that make up the calendar would grace any monitor/ fridge door! We haven’t included images from any of the curators…so we’ll add some to this post. As the most prolific contributor, @sandymillin gets a deserved place at the head of the post. I had turning the pages of a photography-inspired calendar in mind when I knocked up the music that accompanies it.  You’re welcome to mute it!

That leaves me with nothing else to say apart from thanks, as always, to the contributors, curators and users of #eltpics and happy holidays to you all reading this.

Victoria Boobyer

p.s. Here’s a post about how to join in if you haven’t already.  http://goo.gl/V1xdY


And as a closing note from all of us eltpics curators, may you have a wonderful festive season; although we’ll be here next week to close the year with you, for now wishing you “A very merry Christmas And a happy New Year Let’s hope it’s a good one Without any fear” (J. Lennon).


Silent night....